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Embroidery is a very flexible method of decoration enabling you to have the same logo on a number of different items & is ideally suited to most types of apparel, hats, caps & bags. Embroidery is also a cost effective method of decoration if you are only requiring small quantity or you have a lot of colours in your logo. Embroidery is best suited to simple logos. While complex logos are possible they tend to look untidy. Embroidery  is charged by stitch count  so the more complex or the larger the logo the more expensive.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is mainly used on apparel, bags, stickers, magnets, stubby holders & corflute signs. We can print up to 8 spot colours or full colour process is also available. With the popularity of 100% polyester fabrics, some garments will require special bases under the main colours to prevent migration of the garment colour into the print. Art will generally be required as vector art for screen printing.
Not sure what vector art is? We can help with this!


Plastisol Transfers

Plastisol transfers are an economical method of decoration & mainly used for headwear & bags. Artwork generally requires vector art.
Not sure what vector art is? We can help with this!


Dye-sublimation printing dye is heated until it turns into a gas, at which point it diffuses onto the garments and solidifies for a permanent fade resistant finish. It’s mainly used sports garments such as football jumpers, netball dresses, basketball singlets, soccer uniforms, cricket gear etc.

Stubby holders, coffee mugs & a range of other promotional products with a special polyester coatings can also be sublimated.
Sublimation is a great option if you have a lot of colours in your design.

In-House Transfers

Our in house transfers are great for small runs of single colour logos & some less complex multi-colour logos. Individual names & numbers for sports uniforms are another common use for transfers.
Transfers are often sold as screen printing, but they are not. Transfers are applied to the garments with heat press, where screen printing is ink pushed through a screen and becomes part of the garment. Art required for this method is vector art. Not sure what vector art is? We can help with this!

In-House Sublimation

We are able to offer in house sublimation for small runs of white or light polyester T-Shirts, polos & singlets. This process is ideally suited to smaller quantities or if there is a lot of colours in the design. Photos are also possible. We can also offer small run coffee mugs, mouse mats, stubby holders & lanyards which are ideal for gifts.

Pad Printing

Pad printing is mainly used on smaller items & where the area is difficult to get to such as pens & smaller corporate gifts.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is mostly used on smaller metal products, pens, key rings etc…
Laser engraving can often be a very subtle effect, as a lot of products are silver and engraved silver. To overcome the subtle effect black oxidizing is available as an option on a lot of products to make your logo stand out.

Epoxy Doming

Full colour design covered with a durable weather proof epoxy dome. Sizes & colours are customized to suit your design. They are available as an individual item to be applied to your product or as a decoration on a range of our promotional products.