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At Redback Promo & Uniforms, we are able to offer a huge range of Uniforms & Embroidery, Hi Vis Work Wear, Team Wear, School Wear, Corporate Wear & Promotional Garments for events. All our garments are able to be decorated with your logo or message. We also offer full custom-made garments if you can’t find what you need off the rack.

Our friendly staff can advise the most cost effective & appropriate method of decorating your garments. There are many methods including screen printing, embroidery, direct to garment printing, sublimation or transfers.
We have around 1,500 garment samples in our showroom that you can touch, feel & try on. You can even borrow these samples if you need to.
So whether it’s a school, club, business or event, we have the right garments & decoration method for you.

Call in to our Showroom or phone to discuss your needs!

Uniforms & Embroidery

One of the most cost effective ways of getting a cohesive look in your business is uniforms & embroidery.

Embroidery is one of the most popular decoration methods when decking out your staff.


There are many other decoration methods but embroidery gives a nice high end look & is incredibly durable. Embroidery also has the advantage of being quite easy to change colourways to have different coloured uniforms embroidered with the same logo in different colour whereas most of the printing methods this can be quite costly. This flexibility can be very handy where you might have front of house staff in white button up dress shirts with a Black & Red embroidered logo & back of house kitchen staff dressed in black polo shirts with the embroidered logo in White & Red.  As previously mentioned, uniform embroidery is extremely durable & in most cases won’t look much different when the uniform is ready for replacement.

When selecting your uniforms to embroider you should also consider its use. There are a number of reasons why you might choose one garment over another, some of these include safety, longevity, comfort & ease of care.

The design of the uniform piece is important but you also need to place great emphasis on the application. For instance an electrician might like the look & feel of a sports mesh polo shirt but it’s simply not practical, in fact it’s dangerous as sparks will melt the polyester. A far better choice would at a minimum be a cotton drill shirt, but a far better option would be a flash arc shirt that will protect the wearer from burns. Similarly you may have the need for all your staff uniforms to look very well presented all the time & you can’t risk a staff member not ironing their uniform before a shift, so in this instance you may look at the non iron polyester range of dress shirts rather than a high cotton content range. Your uniforms & embroidery can be further personalised for a small extra cost by adding an embroidered name. This is a very popular add on as it gives the customer an instant connection with you. There is another advantage of the embroidered name on jackets, jumpers, hoodies & other outerwear is when everybody takes off their outerwear because it gets too hot  you know whose garment belongs to who.

So if you want your staff to look good & have decoration flexibility get your staff into uniform  embroidery from Redback Promo & Uniforms.        

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